Calling All EB-5 Professionals: Be a Featured Guest Writer on the IIUSA Blog!

01.16.24 | Education, Membership

Calling All EB-5 Professionals: Be a Featured Guest Writer on the IIUSA Blog!

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Do you have something new and innovative to talk about? Are you seeing interesting trends in the EB-5 space that you want to share with your peers? Do you have experience in niche corners of the EB-5 industry that you can shed light on? If you answered, “YES!” to any of these questions, you should consider submitting an article to be featured on the IIUSA blog.

Did you know that the IIUSA blog gets around 6,600 viewers per quarter? Think of the reach that gives you and your company!

While IIUSA utilizes its blog to keep its members and the industry informed about association news and pertinent industry developments, it is also a space for education. The Regional Center Business Journal is only published twice a year, so the IIUSA blog is a digital platform that allows our members to share and highlight their expertise year round. There are no submission deadlines, publication restraints, or maximum word counts, so this is your opportunity to write about what you’re experiencing in EB-5 in near real time.

Even though there are no deadlines to meet, our submission standards are still applicable. If you have an interesting topic to propose, you are encouraged to review the submission standards and send your abstract for consideration to To have a piece posted, you must be an employee of a member organization in good standing.*

Please note that member guest posts to the IIUSA blog will be posted under our “Member Perspectives” tag and all credit will be provided to the author(s).

So what are you waiting for? Send your ideas to today and have your EB-5 expertise prominently displayed for all to see! We are accepting proposals on a rolling basis, so send your ideas any time.

*Member organizations who are more than 3 months past due will not be featured on the blog until their dues are settled.

Member Perspectives or “guest writer” pieces on the blog must be educational in nature. Anything that is marketing or advertising will not be considered for these purposes. Ad space on the blog is available for purchase. Please contact for more information.


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