EB-5 Education Resources at Your Fingertips

Education PlatformDid you know that in late 2018 IIUSA launched its EB-5 Education Library? IIUSA has always been committed to providing quality and timely education for its members and the EB-5 industry at large, but now stakeholders can access education resources at any time, not just at conferences.

The IIUSA EB-5 Education Library launched with the EB-5 Basics Module; an online, self-administered course that quickly and easily gives learners a baseline understanding of the EB-5 Program, perfect for new-hire onboarding or newcomers looking to better understand EB-5. Since the beginning of 2019, we have added several new resources to the platform and we will continue to add content as it is created and available.

In addition to the EB-5 Basics Module, EB-5 learners can access our Spring 2019 Advocacy Webinar, learning tips for effective grassroots advocacy, and conference panel recordings, with more being added. Coming soon are courses on Engaging with Sales Intermediaries and EB-5 Securities. There is also a FREE video that explains how EB-5 works

IIUSA members are entitled to significant discounts on all of the courses by using discount codes found in the IIUSA member portal or by emailing ashley.casey@iiusa.org. If you are not an IIUSA member, you could save $475 on the courses by joining today!

Access all of IIUSA’s education courses at https://iiusa.talentlms.com/catalog. If you have a suggestion for a future course or questions about the Education Library, contact IIUSA Director of Education & Professional Development Ashley Sanislo Casey at ashley.casey@iiusa.org.


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