DHS press release indicates EB-5 premium processing will be phased in within 30 days!

08.02.11 | Archived

I appear to have spoken too soon on the lack of any substantive announcement by White House event earlier today.  DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano has issued the a press release that indicates the phased implementation of the proposal will begin “within 30 days,” starting with premium processing.  They are light on the details…
The EB-5 immigrant investor program is also being further enhanced by transforming the intake and review process. In May, USCIS proposed fundamental enhancements streamline the EB-5 process which include: extending the availability of premium processing for certain EB-5 applications and petitions, implementing direct lines of communication between the applicants and USCIS, and providing applicants with the opportunity for an interview before a USCIS panel of experts to resolve outstanding issues in an application. After reviewing stakeholder feedback on the proposal, USCIS is developing a phased plan to roll out these enhancements and is poised to begin implementing the first of these enhancements within 30 days.


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