Demonstrate EB-5s Catalytic Impact by Submitting an Op-Ed for Your Local Publication

06.09.20 | Government Affairs |

IIUSA President and CEO of FirstPathway Partners Robert Kraft recently published an op-ed in that highlights the value of the EB-5 Program and its economic impact in Wisconsin communities.

Mr. Kraft is the first member to use IIUSA’s op-ed template, a new resource that outlines the benefits of the EB-5 program and how it can be a catalyst for economic recovery in the months and years ahead. During this critical time for our country, it is important to remind local and federal lawmakers, as well as the public, of the important role EB-5 plays in our economy and job creation.

All EB-5 stakeholders are encouraged to use our template to submit op-eds in their local publications. You are welcome to modify the city/region/state data as you see fit however, we as that you verify all data points with IIUSA before publishing.

We hope you will join in our efforts to demonstrate EB-5’s profound impact all across the nation. By doing so you will help us ensure that EB-5 has a long term role to play in economic development and job creation – at a time when it is needed most!

Op-Ed Template

Have you Signed onto IIUSA’s Public Letter of Support?

Earlier this year, IIUSA published a public letter of support for the EB-5 Regional Center Program which has now well past 330 organizations signed on!

The letter, addressed to members of Congress, highlights the economic benefits of EB-5 investment, including job creation and retention for U.S. workers and local economic development. These benefits are needed now more than ever.

With your help, we will show Congress how far-reaching and impactful the EB-5 Program is in communities all across the country and that a long-term reauthorization will help provide security for the Program so it can be a catalyst for economic recovery. The time to act — is now.

Sign the Letter


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