Be a Decision-Maker! Attend the 14th Annual IIUSA Membership Meeting

03.14.19 | Events |

Membership Meeting

Engage With Your Trade Association and Help Make Decisions for the Industry’s Future

On Monday, May 6, IIUSA will hold its 14th Annual Membership Meeting. The membership meeting is your opportunity to hear about the association’s activities over the past year, but more importantly, it is your chance to be an active and engaged member in association as we look to shape the future of the organization and the EB-5 industry.

At the meeting, you, our members, will have the opportunity to vote on bylaws changes and elect the next leaders of the association through the Board of Directors elections. Participating in the Annual Membership Meeting is an imperative component to determining and defining the future of your industry representative. Your voice will be heard. Your decisions will be enacted.

At this critical juncture for the EB-5 Industry, this is perhaps the most important membership meeting for our association. We need your support and your voice to effectively advocate on your, and the entire industry’s, behalf.

The Annual Membership Meeting is the morning of May 6, just prior to the kickoff of the 12th Annual EB-5 Advocacy Conference. With two great events in one, there is even more incentive to attend and I hope to see you there. I am very much looking forward to what I hope is my first of many annual meetings at IIUSA.


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