Cross-Sector Support for EB-5 Program from Across the Country

12.02.13 | Archived

Over the past several weeks, IIUSA has been reporting on our efforts to document EB-5 success stories from our Regional Center Members. Last month, we shared a handful of success stories which illuminate the vast benefits being felt by the communities in which EB-5 projects are built. We look forward to sharing these accounts, and more, in greater detail in future blog posts.

Today we will reveal what people are saying about these projects and the EB-5 Regional Center Program, in general. Our targeted outreach for comment focuses on “identifying third party validators” – from the public sector, private sector, interest groups and employees – who can speak to the positive effects that EB-5 projects have had on their respective communities. The feedback we have received speaks to the notion that the Program is diversified in size and scope and offers real benefits to people, both directly and indirectly. You can read a full list of “what people are saying” quotes,which is also listed on the main page of

Elected Officials

  • “The work of FirstPathway Partners to bring EB-5 investments to Milwaukee is a welcome and  positive element in this community’s economy. You have successfully connected investors with  investment opportunities in a way that benefits our city. We look forward to attracting additional EB-5 investment in Milwaukee.”

             Tom Barrett, Mayor, Milwaukee, WI

  • “This project (Continental Medical Plaza) is a state of the art facility designed to bring over three hundred direct and indirect jobs within the medical sector of our economy, while creating numerous construction jobs during its development phase. This is a great investment to the region and I am honored to have this project within the Third District that I serve.”

              Jeff Stone, County Supervisor, Riverside, CA

  • “The EB-5 Program is something we had to have for the future prosperity of Delano. The Program has funded a marketplace with new amenities that have been sorely needed for years. Not only does it put people back to work but also keep professionals living and spending more of their incomes in our community.”

              Grace Vallejo, Council Member/Former Mayor of Delano, TX   

Economic Development Professionals

  • “The EB-5 program is a valuable tool in Arizona’s efforts to attract foreign investment to our state. These investments equate to job creation and help strengthen our statewide economy.”

                Sandra Watson, President and CEO, Arizona Commerce Authority

  • “Given the loss or diminishing funding sources available to local government particularly in the state of California programs, programs such as the EB-5 program serve as a catalyst to encourage investment in communities such as our city. A major project that has seen the benefits of such program is the expansion of the El Centro Town Center which is a commercial shopping area in our city that is generating revenue in our City but more importantly it is creating new jobs which are very important in an area where its unemployment rate is more than 20%.”

                Marcela Piedra. Director of Economic Development, El Centro, CA

Local Business and Union Leaders 

  • “The Flats East Bank Project is a catalytic development that not only allows our Region to retain existing companies but also to attract new business and talent to Northeast Ohio. Cleveland International Fund and its EB-5 investment played an important role in making Flats East Bank a  success.”

              Joseph Roman, President & CEO, Greater Cleveland Partnership

  • “In Fort Worth, we deployed the EB-5 program as an alternative way to attract international
    financial support to advance strategic projects in our city. Foreign capital gives us greater flexibility and opportunities to extend our track record of attracting industry leaders and global companies – in manufacturing, health sciences, aerospace and aviation – to Fort Worth. We’re excited to see what new investment and jobs this platform brings to our dynamic city in the future.”

             David Berzina, Exec. Vice President/Economic Development, Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce

  • “The Tri-Cities Research district is one of eleven designated Innovation Partnership Zones recognized by the State of Washington. Our goals and objectives are in alignment with the State of Washington’s economic development and energy strategies. We strongly support TCID’s EB-5 investment for our region.”

             Diahann Howard, Executive Director, Tri-Cities Research District

We will continue to profile your success stories and include more quotes in the weeks to come. If you have yet to contribute, we would greatly appreciate hearing from you! Please reach out to Allen Wolff, IIUSA Marketing & Communications, at

Please take a look at the following fact sheets on the EB-5 ProgramIIUSA, and FAQs, developed with our partners at Prism Public Affairs. Stay tuned for more resources.


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