Compliance Committee Releases New Flowchart for Filing an Ethics Complaint with IIUSA

12.03.14 | Archived

In 2014, IIUSA established a Compliance Committee, one of eight IIUSA committees which meet on a monthly basis to advance association initiatives of strategic importance. The mission of the Compliance Committee is to “proactively seek out market intelligence to inform IIUSA of current trend drivers, while contributing to market transparency by making potentially aggrieved parties aware of IIUSA’s industry code of ethics policies and enforcement processes to address unethical behavior in the marketplace.”

Filing an Ethics Complaint with IIUSA

IIUSA’s encourages all members to read the Best Practices and Code of Conduct to learn about IIUSA’s complaint and disciplinary process. If you believe you have seen or experienced behavior in the EB-5 industry, use this form to submit a complaint to IIUSA.

Best Practices

Code of Ethics 

IIUSA’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct “Violations Complaint Procedure” is illustrated in the flow chart below (to view in PDF click here).


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