Come Explore the “New Horizon” for EB-5 at the IIUSA EB-5 Advocacy Conference

04.06.18 | Archived

Event HeaderPeterI look forward to welcoming you to IIUSA’s 11th Annual EB-5 Advocacy Conference in a few short weeks! For over a decade now, the conference brings the EB-5 industry together in Washington, DC to get up to speed on the issues we face and how we can address them by working together. With the EB-5 Regional Center Program extended through September 2018 and no likely legislative action until 2019 or beyond, a “new” horizon is before the EB-5 industry, and IIUSA is here to support you getting back to business.

An industry once divided on certain issues has found a way to come together to work towards securing a long-term reauthorization of the Program with much-needed reforms. It is now more important than ever that we build broad industry consensus on not only policy, but also on a strategy to address the challenges we face.

This year’s conference is meant to not only bring attendees necessary and important updates on the legislative and regulatory status of the EB-5 industry, but also to provide pertinent educational opportunities and a platform to discuss our path forward. There is business to be done, and it is imperative that the industry continues to seek education and for your industry trade association to provide it to you.

IIUSA is more than an advocacy association. It is an organization that provides unparalleled industry analyses, data-driven information, and continuing education opportunities from the industry’s most experienced professionals. Ensuring we have an informed membership is as important as our advocacy efforts. IIUSA’s work to support the EB-5 industry by educating and opening up new investor markets, developing ethical best practices, and providing our members with reliable business intelligence continues to be a top priority. With these tools, you, our members, are able to support U.S. job creation and community development thanks to EB-5 investment.

It continues to be my honor and privilege to lead the association and from my seat at the table – as messy as the process may be – the future of EB-5 is bright and resilient. We look forward to welcoming you to our Nation’s Capital for three days of valuable business and professional development. I look forward to learning a ton myself.
Sincerely yours in service,





Peter D. Joseph
Executive Director


Host City








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