Call to Action: EB-5 Stakeholders, come join IIUSA!

02.07.11 | Archived

With the EB-5 Regional Center Program (“the Program”) currently due to expire (or “sunset” as the lingo goes) on September 30, 2012, it is more important than ever that Program stakeholders come together to advocate our common cause: permanent authorization of the Program.  To bring attention to this looming date, we have placed a countdown on the IIUSA website.

IIUSA invites all Program stakeholders – particularly EB-5 Regional Centers – to come join our advocacy efforts TODAY.  There is too much at stake to simply let this Program expire, or survive under the climate of uncertainty that comes with multiple short term Program extensions.

In his latest weekly address, President Obama was quoted as saying that “our government has the obligation to make sure America is the best place on earth to do business.”  IIUSA is here to make sure the government and public knows how the Program is an essential part of that equation.

For that reason, I invite ALL EB-5 stakeholders to:

Together, we can ensure that this Program is creating jobs through investments (the IIUSA motto) for the long-term – as it should.  Otherwise that job-creating foreign direct investment will go to other countries through their well supported immigrant investor programs.

Now is the time to speak up as an industry.  Please join us.


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