Business Development, Education and Membership Growth: What IIUSA is Doing Overseas

by McKenzie Penton, Director of Events & Business Development, IIUSA 

IIUSA’s core focus is to be a champion for the EB-5 industry. We accomplish that through our tireless work on Capitol Hill and regular communications to all relevant entities both inside and outside of the government. However, we are much more than an advocacy organization. Over the past several years, we have worked collaboratively with our members to ensure that they also receive world-class educational, business development and networking opportunities. Just in the past year, the association launched an EB-5 education module, published multiple editions of its Regional Center Business Journal, rolled out a new Allied Partnership for economic development organizations, published an economic impact study and countless EB-5 data reports. We also convened industry stakeholders at the first-of-its-kind industry achievement banquet and held two top-notch conferences in Washington, DC and Chicago.

However, perhaps nowhere else has the association’s commitment to education, business development and networking been more apparent than in its Global Banquet Series. Launched in 2017, the series has traveled the globe connecting our members to the markets and international stakeholders that matter most. To date, the events have reached audiences in India, Vietnam, China, South Korea and the UAE. In the near future, we will also add Turkey and Taiwan to this growing list of destinations. The Global Banquet Series is just a small fraction of what the association is doing each and every day on the industry’s behalf, but it is of critical importance as we look to grow our membership base, diversify marketing and business development opportunities and provide education to the industry stakeholders around the world…Continue Reading

Join IIUSA Overseas this September for the Next Events in our Global Banquet Series 

We are eager to connect our members with key industry stakeholders around the globe this September. To that end, we will be hosting events in Seoul, Ho Chi Minh City, and Taipei. The three events will be excellent educational and business development opportunities and at this critical time for EB-5 they are can’t miss!

Limited tickets and sponsorships remain for these events so register now to secure your spot.



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