Authorization of EB-5 Regional Center Program Resumes After Government Shutdown Ends

01.23.18 | Archived



Congress voted to end the government shutdown on Monday after three days of a shutdown. President Trump signed the measure, extending federal funding and authorization of the EB-5 Regional Center Program until February 8th. Regular processing of EB-5 petitions have resumed at all relevant agencies.

Congress still has work to do before February 8th. The new CR is the fourth continuing resolution of FY 2018, creating uncertainty for our industry and many others across the country. While Republican negotiators on EB-5 are closer than ever to finding agreement internally, there are still bipartisan negotiations that need to occur. With pending regulations that could raise investment levels by over 100% and a current potential posted final action date in February, Congressional leaders would likely be left with only 60 days after that final action date to produce a legislative solution in place of the regulations. IIUSA continues to advocate on behalf of the industry based on our grassroots-developed Policy Platform and will keep you updated on progress as it happens.


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