Asteroid “2022 EB5” Strikes Earth on the Day of Program Reauthorization—Seriously!

03.15.22 | Government Affairs

On Friday, March 11, 2022, a small asteroid is believed to have impacted earth near Iceland. While not normally an astronomical blog, we would be remiss if we did not mention that the asteroids’ name was 2022 EB5

What’s so important about March 11 you may ask? That just so happens to be the day that the EB-5 Regional Center Program received a five-year reauthorization as part of the omnibus spending bill passed by the Senate.

Coincidence? Perhaps, but we are inclined to believe that asteroid 2022 EB5 was our lucky star, signaling the rebirth of the EB-5 Regional Center Program and a bright year ahead!

Originally published in MailOnline

A small asteroid struck the Earth above Iceland last Friday — just two hours after it was spotted by an astronomer.

The space rock, named 2022 EB5, is believed to have mostly burnt up in our planet’s atmosphere, but even if it had impacted the surface it would have done little to no damage because it was just 10ft (3 meters) wide, about half the size of a giraffe.

Some people in Iceland reported hearing a boom or seeing a flash of light around the time 2022 EB5 scooted across the sky at 11 miles per second (18.5 km/s) between Greenland and Norway.

No evidence of any meteorites has yet been found but the International Meteor Organization is looking for witnesses who may have seen anything.

Prior to impact, which took place in the atmosphere north of Iceland at 21:22 GMT (16:22 ET) on Friday, March 11, the space rock became the fifth asteroid to be discovered before hitting Earth.


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