Announcing a New Members-Only Benefit –Introducing IIUSA’s EB-5 Basics Module for EB-5 Beginners!

10.15.18 | Archived

IIUSAEducation-01By: Ashley Sanislo Casey, IIUSA Director of Education & Professional Development

IIUSA is excited to announce the official launch of the EB-5 Basics Module, a self-administered online course available to IIUSA members and their employees and is now available at

The module will take students through four sections of introductory information with a 10-question quiz at the end of each section. The student must pass the quiz with an 80% grade before he/she can move on to the next section.

After successful completion of the course, the student will receive a digital certificate of completion to proudly display – A symbol of their fundamental knowledge of the EB-5 Program and of their organizations commitment to ensuring an educated staff.

The student can re-take the test(s) as many times as needed in order to pass, but the course is limited to one month of access. If the course is not completed after a month from initial access, the student will need to purchase a second round of access to make further attempts.

Topics addressed in the module include EB-5 terminology and acronyms, history of EB-5 (including legislative and regulatory history), TEAs, the EB-5 immigration process, regional center operations, economic methodologies, and much more.

In 2017, the IIUSA Best Practices Committee set out to develop an education program for IIUSA members and the EB-5 industry – no small task. Many ideas swirled and after lively and constructive conversations, the committee decided to approach the education program in two-steps. Since there has never been a formal education program for the industry, approaching the initial concept of one would have to be done carefully, thoughtfully, and methodically.

Instead of jumping right into creating a full-fledged education program, it was decided to first attempt a beginner’s level course that would introduce the EB-5 Program to industry newcomers, but also act as a test subject for the idea of a full education program. The course would give industry newcomers a “crash course” and other brass tacks of the Program.

The intended “students” of the course are new employees at IIUSA member organizations to help these companies to quickly onboard new hires. Often, new employees are unfamiliar with EB-5, its history, terminology and how it works, so this course is designed to neatly package up all of that information into one place for quick and easy digestion, bringing the user up to speed on the basics in as little as an hour!

The EB-5 Basics Module is available to IIUSA members and their employees for $50.00 through the IIUSA Marketplace on The course is intended to save our members time with onboarding by quickly educating new employees through a convenient online platform. The testing component ensures that the material is absorbed and the student has a grasp on the information.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments in IIUSA’s emerging education program which will include a continuing education component for established EB-5 practitioners.

For questions on the EB-5 Basics Module, contact Director of Education & Professional Development Ashley Sanislo Casey at

A special thank you to the Best Practices Committee for its work in putting together the module and for countless hours spent writing and editing the content and quizzes.

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