Advocacy Alert: New Interactive EB-5 Project & Policy Mapping Tool

05.26.16 | Archived

SealIIUSA Releases EB-5 Project & Policy Mapping Tool

IIUSA is pleased to present the Beta version of a new interactive mapping tool that plots the location of over 470 EB-5 projects from a wide variety of industries and located in diverse communities across the U.S. It will be an essential tool for industry and policy analysis, especially when it comes to Targeted Employment Areas (TEAs). IIUSA created the interactive mapping tool below for members and industry stakeholders to use as a tool to help inform a meaningful discussion and consideration of the TEA proposal presented in a hearing before the Senate Committee on the Judiciary on April 13, 2016 by Dan Healy, CEO of Civitas Capital Group, and Director at IIUSA. Further details on the proposal can be found on pages 11-14 of the written testimony.

This map is not provided or intended as an endorsement by IIUSA of any particular policy proposal, but as a way to stimulate discussion on this important topic. IIUSA is committed to providing essential policy analysis tools to carefully consider proposals and seek consensus from diverse interests that share the goal of effective and workable reform that is part of long term reauthorization of the Program. Information included on this map is for discussion purposes only and offered based on publicly available information from sources including but not limited to: media reports, websites, and marketing materials. Any details or other information regarding particular EB-5 projects should not be viewed as complete information. Projects shown on this map include a non-comprehensive sample that are known to IIUSA which include past projects as well as current, ongoing EB-5 projects and again are not inclusive of all relevant data.

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EB-5 Project & Policy Mapping Tool

Both Congress and U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services have stated intent on reforming the EB-5 Regional Center Program including TEA policy, making it essential to long term reauthorization of the Program. Whether reform occurs via legislation or regulation, designing effective policy requires clear information and data showing anticipated results from the implementation of new policy – especially on a multi-billion dollar industry like EB-5 that relies on predictability and certainty to achieve the policy goals of job creation.

TEA Policy Review & Online Resources


IIUSA Policy Consideration Process: Update on TEAs

IIUSA is committed to an open and transparent policy process, starting with you, our members. This year we have released the results of detailed policy polls and professionally moderated focus groups which will continue going forward. This ongoing quantitative and qualitative feedback informs our policy making process. Furthermore, we welcome and continue to solicit feedback via email to and on the Feedback page at

The feedback received from these various forums will be important considerations for the IIUSA Public Policy’s Subcommittee on TEAs. This Subcommittee will be working diligently to provide an option(s) to the Public Policy Committee for consideration that will result in a recommendation to the Board of Directors. Members will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the committee’s recommendation to the Board of Directors before it considers taking action. This process is all part of IIUSA’s commitment to member engagement and transparent consideration of policy issues.

Please e-mail with your feedback on TEA policy


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