Add “EB-5 Is Working” Logo to Your E-mail Signature & Help Reauthorize the Program!

07.28.15 | Archived

We are a little more than two months away from the EB-5 Regional Center Program’s “sunset date” on September 30th. With a swirl of political and policy discussions around the Program in Washington, DC, it is a critical time for industry participants to elevate our grassroots advocacy efforts into high gear!

We invite you to copy/paste the special “EB-5 is working” logo (below) and drop it into your e-mail signature to encourage colleagues, partners and other stakeholders from the public and/or private sector to join us in supporting the EB-5 reauthorization effort. We need your help to expand the 630+ signatures on IIUSA’s “EB-5 is Working” Letter to over 800 by August 15th.

Instructions on adding logo to e-mail signature *:

1). Copy (or Control + C) the logo above
2). On the right-hand dropdown menu, Go to “Settings”
3). Scroll down to signature midway down your screen
4). Paste under your name/title (Note: Please ensure the logo is linked to this URL)
5). Encourage other stakeholders to sign-onto the form!

*These instructions are for Gmail users. If you’d like to view instructions for Microsoft Outlook, please click this link

“EB-5 is Working” Support Letter – What is it?

The EB-5 Regional Center Program (the “Program”) is due to “sunset” on September 30, 2015 absent Congressional action with American jobs on the line. Stand with IIUSA and the EB-5 Regional Center industry by signing onto a letter of support for permanent authorization of the Program so it can continue creating American jobs at no cost to the taxpayer! IIUSA led a diverse coalition of 375+ organizations in 2012 supporting the EB-5 Regional Center Program. With the growth of the Program’s economic contribution since 2012 – now representing billions of dollars in capital investment and GDP, support of tens of thousands of U.S. jobs, and the generation of over a billion dollars in federal/state/local taxes annually – the support has only grown.

See the growing list of supporters from across sectors and all around the United States that are seeing the benefits of this activity first-hand, speaking with a loud voice: “EB-5 is Working.”​ The list is organized by latest new signatory by default with several additional filtering options provided. To view the actual letter to Members Of Congress, please click here.


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