Adam Greene to Step in as IIUSA’s Secretary-Treasurer: Board of Directors Reluctantly Accepts Steve Strnisha’s Resignation & Appoints Him Director Emeritus

11.18.22 | Membership

Adam Greene, CEO, NewGen Capital joins IIUSA as Secretary-Treasurer replacing departing Stepehen Strnisha of Cleveland International Fund

November 15, 2022 – This week, Steve Strnisha, CEO of Cleveland International Fund, stepped down from his role as the association’s Secretary-Treasurer. Steve served as IIUSA’s Secretary-Treasurer for over six and a half years and led the organization’s financial recovery and growth. Bob Kraft, IIUSA Board Chairman reluctantly accepted Mr. Strnisha’s resignation and immediately appointed him as a Director Emeritus.

The association’s financial stewardship remains in good hands, however, as the IIUSA Board of Directors voted to fill the vacancy with Adam Greene, CEO at NewGen Capital, LLC. Adam will begin taking over the association’s financial reigns as Secretary-Treasurer as the association winds down its fiscal year 2022 and begins a promising fiscal year 2023.

Mr. Greene, a certified public accountant (CPA), brings extensive experience in EB-5 and has been deeply invested in IIUSA activities for several years including chairing the Public Policy Committee, previously serving as a board member, and leading advocacy initiatives that led to the Program’s long-term reauthorization. IIUSA is confident that Mr. Greene’s experience in the industry and dedication to the association makes him a reliable leader.

IIUSA and its Board of Directors profoundly thank Mr. Strnisha for his many years of service in his role at Secretary-Treasurer. Mr. Strnisha was elected to his position in 2016 and led the association through the difficulties of short-term reauthorizations and the Program lapse. He was critical in pulling the association through a financially challenging time as the industry ebbed, but he kept the budget in check and ultimately ensured not just a stable business, but one that was ultimately able to flourish. Without his leadership, we all would undoubtedly be in different places. Mr. Strnisha will continue to be an active member of the association.

Please join us in both welcoming Adam Greene to his new position as Secretary-Treasurer and thanking Steve Strnisha for his years of service. We are fortunate to have such devoted and qualified individuals willing to give their time and expertise to make IIUSA and the EB-5 industry the best it can be.


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