2015 Q1 Media Review (Jan. – April): EB-5 is Working

04.20.15 | Archived

This week, we recapped EB-5 media coverage from the first quarter of 2015. Below are a handful of articles from the preceding three months that show how EB-5 is working for America.

“Today, more than 150 well-paid workers are manufacturing raw carbon fiber for BMW’s electric cars in the ASPI Technology Park in Moses Lake – an example of how EB-5 can aid job creating, as it was intended to do…”
“You’re getting dollars into rural communities that otherwise would have a slim to no chance of attracting traditional bank financing because the risks are perceived to be too high… This is a program that in my opinion is a win-win. It’s a win for the investor. It’s a win for the US economy.”

– Kim Foster,  Aero Space Port International Group Regional Center (ASPI) attorney 

“I think the EB-5 program is very good. I am glad to see the state put continued controls. I think most states think of Vermont as a place they should copy because we do keep such strict controls. The governor is now adding even further financial ones which is good. We have a group of both Republicans and Democrats senators who are joining me on expanding EB-5 and we are using Vermont and Vermont’s controls as a way to do it.”


 -Patrick Leahy, (D-VT), Ranking Member, Senate Judiciary Committee


“EB-5 is economic development… I think it means good things for the area. In our market it’s going to be great for us for long-term sustainability.”

– Tom Morrison, America EB-5 Group 

“It’s always capital that is the stumbling block for the success of small business n the reservation… The EB-5 program gives us the opportunity to receive capital and the business acumen from foreign investors. This is a great program to be a part of…Unfortunately, the Americans don’t invest in Native American, so we’ve had to find other ways to do it, EB-5 was one of the easier ways to get things started.”

– Ben Shelly, President of the Navajo Nation

“Investors, dreamers, people that come to our great universities, all these people should be welcomed in the country”
– Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (R-FL)


“Our nation has always been at its strongest when we attracted the best and breightest minds to help build and invest in our economy. The EB-5 visa program is an important tool that brings innovation and investment to the United States, and this bipartisan bill will improve and make permanent the program so that foreign investment and talent will continue to flow into our businesses, and strengthen our economy. This bi-partisan, pro-investment, pro- growth and pro-jobs bill is one piece of the legislative solution to reform legal immigration.”
Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO)


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