Over the years, IIUSA has developed a wide varieties of public relations tools and resources to empower our members to be efficient and effective advocates for the EB-5 Regional Center Program.

Use the resources below for the public relations operations of your EB-5 business!

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Regional Center Media Toolkit

IIUSA-cultivated resources for EB-5 Regional Centers to put together their own media toolkit for public dissemination. Resources include About EB-5 and FAQ documents, sample press release templates, and one-page background samples to assist in your outreach.

Project Tombstone Template

A project tombstone template is an excellent way to convey key information about your EB-5 project to media members. The template suggests content and layout for EB-5 project sponsors.


Slides Template to presenting your EB-5 project

The slideshow template is a document describing the corporate structure, project description and economic impact statistics for your EB-5 project.


How to Write an Op-Ed

IIUSA encourages EB-5 stakeholders to write op-ed or “opposite the editorial page” columns about their Program success. This series of documents covers best practices for writing and placing these articles.


Working with the Media

Working with the media is a “how-to” document to drive interest among local and/or national publications to cover your successful EB-5 projects.


Suggested talking points to stakeholders in response to negative news segment on EB-5

These are suggested talking-points EB-5 stakeholders can use to combat negative criticism and clarify key aspects of the Program.