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Immigration financing fuels part of Allentown’s revitalization

By Scott Kraus – The Morning Call

“This $20 million will drive additional development which will drive additional jobs,” Reilly said. “It’s part of our hotel stack and we have 150 people working in the hotel that wouldn’t have the jobs without the EB-5 financing. It absolutely drives employment and construction jobs.” (City Center CEO J. B. Reilly)

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Immigrant investors key to building Green Valley Hospital

By Gabriela Rico – Arizona Daily Star

“I like that it benefits, not just me, but the local people,” the 26-year-old chemical engineer said. She was finishing her degree at Georgia Tech on a student visa when she got involved with the program and now has her green card.” (Xiaojuan Zhou, EB-5 Investor)

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EB-5 loans: low rates, big reward

By Jeff Collins – The Orange County Register

“The EB-5 investment serves as mezzanine financing, or a subordinate loan that fills the gap between a company’s senior debt and its equity.”

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Industry Op-Eds

EB-5 program is smart government policy

By Thomas J. Donohue, President and CEO of U.S. Chamber of Commerce – The Hill

“These investments drive economic growth and job creation in the U.S. at no cost to taxpayers. This kind of smart government policy should be preserved…. Smart government policies – backed by facts, data, and statistics – are needed now more than ever to ensure that the United States can compete in the global marketplace to attract foreign capital and help finance projects that put Americans to work.”

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Restore Integrity of Visas

By Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA)

“Maintaining the integrity of our investment and employment-based visa programs would help preserve our heritage of welcoming law-abiding immigrants and roll out the welcome mat to lawful foreign investment in underserved areas. Both bring meaningful contributions to America’s banquet of opportunity. Straightening up these table settings would reinforce the rule of law and help boost economic growth and job creation.”

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EB-5 Visas Help Many Who Aren’t at all Wealthy

By Walter H. “Marty” Cummins Jr. of Florida EB-5 Investments LLC – The Wall Street Journal

“During the Great Recession the EB-5 visa program funded businesses that couldn’t get funding from any other source, and it still provides much needed capital. The program provides “patient”, low-cost capital that allows businesses the time to develop and flourish. Many of these jobs will simply cease to exist if Congress fails to renew this successful program.”

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EB-5 Funding & Transportation Projects – A Perfect Fit for Jobs, Accessibility and the Environment

By Matthew Daus, President at the International Association of Transportation Regulators and Mona Shah, Attorney at Mona Shah & Associates

“Transportation is a natural fit with EB-5 not only due to its viability and simplicity, but also through its high job creation, which is mostly direct and permanent in nature, unlike construction projects, where the construction timeline varies from project to projects. … The emergence of projects such as the NYCGTG opens doors to infrastructure projects that, while not on the grand scale, will nonetheless have a profound impact on inner urban lifestyles, including the improvement of wheelchair accessible services and the environment. Through foreign investment money, projects of this nature could solve many of New York City’s – and the United States’ – longstanding transportation policy issues and problems.”

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Time to ‘Champion’ an investment program that works for all

By Gregory Wing, president and CEO of the Education Fund of America, LLC; and co-founder and principal of Green Card Fund, a USCIS-approved EB-5 Regional Center in Arizona – The Hill

“Two economists from the Harvard Business School-affiliated Institute for a Competitive Inner City found at least 178 EB-5 funded projects nationwide – including our schools – are ‘increasing employment and revitalizing urban areas.’ As our economy continues to recover, projects like ours are living proof of EB-5’s power to help businesses, entrepreneurs and public-private partnerships access the capital they need to invest in their communities and create jobs.”

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Another Voice: Congress needs to reauthorize EB-5 program

By Bill Gresser, President of EB-5 New York State Regional Center – Buffalo News

“Our projects on the Medical Campus and elsewhere demonstrate exactly what Congress intended the EB-5 program to do – create new U.S. jobs and spur economic development. Immigrants were among the earliest investors in the campus; they financed projects otherwise difficult to fund and their investments were augmented and compounded by other sources of capital. We plan that EB-5 capital will play no less a role in the future.”

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Seeing Through the Politics of EB-5 Reform

By Jeff Carr, Senior Economists at Economic and Policy Resources, Inc. – Roll Call

“I’ve worked with nearly 200 EB-5 projects spanning 48 states and U.S. territories to provide the necessary independent economic analysis – required by the federal government – to ensure each project generates its intended economic impact. In the process, I have seen first-hand the program’s capacity to create thousands of good jobs across a broad range of industries.”

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To Maintain ‘ Business as Usual’ Across the Country, We Need a Robust Investor Visa Program

By Angel Brunner, founder and president of EB5 Capital and owner/operator of multiple USCIS-authorized Regional Centers – Roll Call

“In today’s economy, we cannot afford to lose such a prolific source of economic growth and job creation. … People around the world continue to invest their hard-earned money in America’s investor visa program over those of other nations because they believe our ingenuity, entrepreneurship and integrity will deliver results. And as someone who has overseen a number of EB-5 funded projects in the D.C. area and beyond, I can assure you they do deliver.”

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CalChamber Urges Reauthorization of Program for Immigrant Investors

Susanne T. Stirling, Vice President, International Affairs – California Chamber of Commerce

“The program is essential to many state and local government economic development entities, as well as numerous industry groups and private sector project and business developers. … Over the last three years since reauthorization, the program has grown in popularity as a source for funding critical economic development projects, but more importantly has continued to create U.S. jobs, all at no cost to the taxpayer.”

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