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The EB-5 Regional Center Program (the “Program”) is a modern economic development tool that uses globalization to solve the need for flexible and affordable financing for regional economic development projects throughout the country.

As the national trade association of the Program, IIUSA is committed to supporting the EB-5 community through advocacy, education, industry development and research. This page is your gateway to access a variety of EB-5 industry resources and intelligence, including interactive maps, statistics, advocacy toolkits, industry best practices, and more.

EB-5 Interactive Maps

IIUSA has taken time and care to cultivate numerous maps to help industry stakeholders better visualize the EB-5 Regional Center Program. These maps cover many areas of the Program, including economic impact data at the national, state and Congressional district levels, EB-5 investor origins since 1993, IIUSA member Regional Centers, and a TEA policy mapping tool.

All of these dynamic, interactive visual resources are available to help you better understand EB-5 investment, policy and impact.

EB-5 Economic Impact Map

Use this interactive ap to learn more about the economic impacts generated by EB-5 investments at the state and Congressional district levels.

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EB-5 Regional Center Map

Use this interactive map to locate the regional centers approved by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that are members of IIUSA by designated geography and industry.

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EB-5 Investor Origin Map

Use this interactive map to learn more about the origins of America’s New Job Creators. Find out the trends of EB-5 investor markets.

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EB-5 Policy Mapping Tool

This interactive map will be an essential instrument for industry and policy analysis, a tool for consideration of a specific proposal to reform Targeted Employment Area (TEA) policy.

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EB-5 Statistics

Priding itself as a data-driven advocate of the EB-5 Regional Center Program, IIUSA relies on the existence and analyses of cold, hard data.

Within this section you will find data and statistics on nearly every aspect of the Program, analyzed and packaged into easy to understand charts and graphs, bringing to life the trends of EB-5.

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EB-5 Advocacy

IIUSA is the only not-for-profit trade association of the EB-5 Regional Center industry. With that comes the great responsibility of advocating for the Program’s long-term authorization and reasonable and responsible reform so this 21st century economic development tool can endure for years to come.

IIUSA has countless resources for members and non-members to access that help make sense of the political and legislative processes that shape the industry as well as materials to make you, industry stakeholders, effective advocates for the EB-5 Program.

IIUSA Membership

IIUSA exists to serve its members. Being an IIUSA member gives you access to a deep catalogue of members-only resources to help educate and inform your business decisions and overall understanding of the EB-5 industry, discounts on attendance to IIUSA events, invitations to overseas, members-only events, the ability to serve on one of IIUSA’s many committees or Board of Directors, public relations and public affairs resources, and so much more.

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IIUSA Approved Industry Best Practices

In 2007, IIUSA formed its Best Practices Committee to raise the bar at which the EB-5 Regional Center Program business is conducted and to advocate for professional integrity by Regional Centers and the industry that serves them.

IIUSA continuously explores and publishes industry best practices to promote responsible, professional and ethical behavior and reinforce confidence in the EB-5 Program and the EB-5 Regional Center industry among all stakeholders.

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EB-5 Video Vault & Success Stories

Many times EB-5 is discussed in broader terms and through numbers and statistics. While this is helpful in understand overall impact of the Program, nothing is more engaging than seeing an actual EB-5 project and its community impact.

The IIUSA Video Vault and EB-5 project samples bring to life real Vault illustrates real stories of projects that have utilized EB-5 investments to create American jobs in diverse communities across the U.S. — all at no cost to the taxpayer.

EB-5 Video Vault

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EB-5 Project Samples

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EB-5 Regional Center Industry Event Calendar

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