Code of Conduct

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(Adopted August 2017)

This Code of Conduct (our “Code”) is our commitment to conduct EB-5 business with high ethical standards. Our commitment goes beyond technical Code interpretation. Where unspecific, our Code’s virtuous spirit prevails. IIUSA members and everyone working on IIUSA’s behalf, including its board of directors, officers, committee members, and employees are bound by our Code. When working with non-members, you should provide our Code and ask that they abide. Our Code is no substitute for sound judgment. When in doubt, ask: (1) Is this consistent with our Code? (2) Would I take responsibility? (3) Is this good for our EB-5 community? Be integrity’s voice. Hold each other accountable.


Protect EB-5 investors and their families from fraud, misrepresentation, and unethical practices in EB-5 transactions. Do not misstate or omit material information.

Be informed and stay educated to comply with laws and regulations that govern your EB-5 endeavors.

Be honest, fair, and transparent in EB-5 endeavors. Avoid conflicts of interest and disclose all actual and potential conflicts in writing.

Further the EB-5 Program’s stated objective – stimulating the U.S. economy through job creation and capital
investment. Strengthen the EB-5 Program’s reputation by adhering to our Code.

Foster ethical culture in the EB-5 industry. Analyze our Code and apply it. Promptly report Code
compliance concerns. Cooperate fully in Code compliance investigations.

To report misconduct or an infraction of the Code of Conduct, please review the Code of Conduct Enforcement Procedures and send an email to

Disclaimers: No content or information provided within this document should be construed to constitute legal advice or services. As a service to its membership, IIUSA seeks to provide informational and educational materials regarding a range of issues, including, among others, ethical business behavior, but urges it members and others reading this material to seek legal counsel as appropriate. In addition, while IIUSA endeavors to keep the information it provides up to date and current, please be advised that such information may not reflect the most current information available. IIUSA is not responsible for any subsequent use of these materials or reliance on any information contained therein.

Download the PDF