USCIS Annouces Launch of New EB-5 Regional Center Compliance Audit Program

03.22.17 | Archived

Yesterday, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced the launch of its new EB-5 Regional Center Compliance Audit Program. According to USCIS Regional center compliance audits are an additional way that the agency is looking to enhance program integrity and verify information submitted in regional center applications and annual regional center certifications. Under this program, USCIS will collect case-specific data as part of a compliance audit. The audit will also verify compliance with applicable laws and authorities to ensure continued eligibility for the regional center designation.

This audit process will include researching information in government systems, reviewing commercial and public records, and reviewing evidence that accompanies regional center applications and certifications. It also includes obtaining information, on a consensual basis, through compliance audit data requests and site inspection.

The USCIS audit team will perform the following tasks:

  • Review applications, certifications, and associated records;
  • Review public records and information on the regional center;
  • Verify the information, including supporting documents, submitted with the application(s) and in the annual certification(s);
  • Conduct site inspection;
  • Review and analyze documents;
  • Interview personnel to confirm the information provided with the application(s) and annual certification(s).

You can read additional detail on the Program including what to do to prepare for and audit and what happens after the audit is complete on the Regional Center Audit Page.


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