National Association of Counties (NACo) Adopts Resolution in Support of EB-5 at its Annual Conference

07.22.15 | Archived

The EB-5 policy resolution can be found in the Adopted Platforms and Resolutions on page 40. Click Above.

On July 10-11, IIUSA Advocacy Coordinator Ashley Sanislo Casey and IIUSA Advocacy Assistant Nicole Merlene traveled to Charlotte, NC to attend the the National Association of Counties’ (NACo) 80th Annual Meeting. The advocacy team went to support a policy resolution they cultivated with the help of NACo members which being considered for adoption by the organization.

Casey and Merlene attended two meetings of the Economic & Workforce Development Steering Committee on Friday and Saturday where they networked with county representatives, educated meeting attendees about EB-5, and answered questions of committee members about the Program. On Saturday afternoon, the steering committee unanimously voted in support of the EB-5 resolution, sending it to the NACo Board of Directors for formal adoption at their meeting on Monday, July 13.

This is the third consecutive year that NACo has considered and adopted a policy resolution in support of the EB-5 Regional Center Program. The integral development that EB-5 provides to counties across the country is evident and reflected in the public pronouncement of support by NACo and its members. The proposed EB-5 policy resolution can be found in the Proposed Policy Resolutions and Platform Changes on page 6. The proposed policy recommendation states:


NACo promotes EB-5 as an important tool for economic development, public private partnerships, job creation and infrastructure development. NACo also supports EB-5 education at NACo events, coordinated with IIUSA, to educate counties on how the Program can benefit  them.


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