Mumbai and Dubai: IIUSA’s Latest Destinations for EB-5 Education and Business Development

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In late February, IIUSA successfully hosted the first two events in our 2019 Global Banquet Series in Mumbai, India and Dubai, UAE. The banquets attracted many of the leading immigration professionals from throughout India and the UAE (as well as attendees from some of the regions’ other large EB-5 investors markets including Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan and Bangladesh to name a few) for an evening that featured networking, business development and in-depth industry education.

The Mumbai banquet marked the association’s third event in India since 2017 and we were pleased to see many returning guests as well as new faces. The India market is increasingly important for industry stakeholders and IIUSA was honored to connect our members with stakeholders from throughout India once again.


Attendees enjoy networking and business development time during the IIUSA Global Banquet Series cocktail reception in Mumbai, India on February 20,2019.

The Dubai event was the associations first-ever banquet in the Middle East and we were pleased to host our members in the dynamic investment capital of the region. While the UAE remains a relatively small investor market by comparison to others, it is also home to expats from around the world who are looking at EB-5 as a viable investment and immigration option. In fact, according to a recent United Nations report, 88% of the UAE population was comprised of international migrants in 2017, allowing IIUSA to connect our members with investment immigration professionals not only from the UAE, but also from markets throughout the region, most notably India, Egypt and Bangladesh.

IIUSA uses the platform of the Global Banquet Series to educate important investor markets, such as India and UAE, with in-depth investor market data presentations by IIUSA Policy Analyst Lee Li as well as expert panels. The panels at these events were led by Kripa Upadhyay of Orbit Law in Mumbai and by Stephen Strnisha of Cleveland International Fund and IIUSA’s Secretary-Treasurer in Dubai. The panelists provided attendees with expert analysis of some of the industry’s hottest topics, including legislation and Program dreform, retrogression, source of funds and more. In addition, attendees were encouraged to seek additional information during our Q&A where our panelists fielded questions from across the immigration spectrum.

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Panelists present on EB-5 industry hot topics at IIUSA Global Banquet Series event in Dubai on February 24. Left to Right: Gar Lippincott, Atlantic American Partners; Michael Sears, Global Capital Market Advisors; Kripa Upadhyay, Orbit Law; Gonzalo Lopez Jordan, American Regional Center Group; Dan Wyclendy, FirstPathway Partners and Stephen Strnisha, Cleveland International Fund

While education is a primary focus of the IIUSA Global Banquet Series, we of course work to drive business development opportunities for all of our members and international industry stakeholders. To that end, each banquet featured a reception and ample networking time where our attendees were able to connect with their peers from around the world.

We were also honored to recognize the support of our international members during the events, including FRR Shares and Shanghai Can-Achieve Exit-Entry Services. The support of our international membership is critical to the association’s success and we were pleased to present both of these organizations with their 2019 Membership Certificates. We look forward to welcoming more members to our growing network of international organizations as it is through these organizations’ support that IIUSA is able to have a strong on-the-ground presence in the largest EB-5 investor markets around the world.


IIUSA members FRR Shares & Securities Ltd. recieve their 2019 Membership Certificate from IIUSA staff during the IIUSA Global Banquet Series event in Mumbai on Febraruy 20, 2019.

Of course no IIUSA event is possible without the generous support of our sponsors. Their financial and intellectual support ensures the association is able to host these important events each year. To that end we would like to extend a special thank you to the sponsors of the banquets without whom such successful events would not have been possible. Our sponsors included: American Regional Center Group, AscendAmerica, Atlantic American Partners, Cleveland International Fund, FirstPathway Partners, Global Capital Market Advisors, NRIA EB-5 and Orbit Law.

Further a special thank you is owed to our Partners the Beacon Events Group, who hosted two great Investment Immigration Summit’s in Mumbai and Dubai, as well as the Investment Migration Council both of whom were integral in supporting the IIUSA Banquets in both cities. Without the support of our partners neither event would have been nearly as impactful and we are as always grateful for every organization who assists IIUSA in achieving our goals.

With the two events successfully in the bag IIUSA’s attention now pivots to our EB-5 Advocacy Conference and Industry Awards Ceremony in Washington, DC as well as the next events in our Global Banquet Series including Turkey, Vietnam, South Korea and Taiwan all later in 2019. We hope that you will be able to join us as we look to drive business development opportunities and educate industry stakeholders all around the globe in 2019.

See you at the Next IIUSA Global Banquet:

  • Istanbul | Turkey (Summer 2019) 

  • Ho Chi Minh City| Vietnam (Fall 2019) 

  • Seoul | South Korea (Fall 2019) 

  • Taipei | Taiwan (Fall 2019) 


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