IIUSA Welcomes Four New Member Organizations

01.23.20 | Membership

IIUSA is excited to welcome its four newest members to the association: American Immigration Group-NYRC LLC; Leaf Ferreira, De Araujo LLC; InvestAmerica; and American Dream. Learn more about the latest additions to the IIUSA membership below.

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American Immigration Group-NYRC LLC 
New York, NY 

The mission of American Immigration Group is to provide superior investment-grade opportunities so that foreign investors can be part of a safe investment structure with real assurances in an iconic project and receive their Permanent Residency in the USA…Learn More 

Leaf, Ferreira, De Araujo LLC 
Miami, FL 

With a combined experience spanning decades, the team at Leaf, Ferreira, De Araujo LLC offers outstanding and dedicated legal guidance to individuals in need of assistance obtaining either an immigrant or nonimmigrant residence in the United States through an investor visa…Learn More

Tampa, FL 

InvestAmerica provides consulting services to EB-5 investors, E2 applicants and EB-5 Regional Centers and focuses on extensive project due diligence, adherence to and compliance with U.S. securities laws, transparency to the investor, and projects structured to protect the interests of the investors…Learn More 

American Dream
Johannesburg, South Africa 

A leading investment migration consultant organization based in South Africa the team at American Dream works diligently to provide assistance at the various stages of the EB-5 process and are committed to the success of their clients..Learn More


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