IIUSA Investor Market Development Efforts are Full Steam Ahead

IIUSA Drives Critical Business Development & Education in Key EB-5 Investor Markets

by McKenzie Penton, Director of Events & Business Development, IIUSA 

As the EB-5 industry’s only non-profit membership-based trade association and its strongest voice in advocacy, research and education, IIUSA believes it is our responsibility to ensure that the industry is well-informed and empowered with the information it needs to succeed.

In 2017, we identified a lack of educational opportunities and a dearth of authoritative information in many of the EB-5 investor markets around the globe. Thus, the IIUSA Global Banquet Series (GBS) was born to deliver education, business development and networking opportunities to members and international stakeholders alike. To date, the GBS has connected over 1,500 professionals at 12 events in 7 countries in the last 2 ½ years (China, Vietnam, India, South Korea, Taiwan, the UAE and Switzerland).

To those organizations and guests who have helped make the GBS successful, we thank you for your continued support of IIUSA and recognize you as champions of education and investor market development. To those who have yet to attend, we hope that the below information will provide you a reason to join IIUSA overseas in 2020!

Here’s what the Global Banquet Series is all about!

Educating Overseas Markets

There seems to be no shortage of investment migration events taking place every month around the world. However, while many of these events provide marketing value, we found that they are often lacking in education and quality and reliable information. This becomes particularly apparent when EB-5 is often relegated to a single panel or presentation with other investment programs from Cyprus, Grenada, Australia and everywhere in between taking much of the limelight and diminishing the ability to provide in-depth education on EB-5 alone…


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