IIUSA Data Report: Average Processing Times for Immigrant Investor Program Office (IPO) through July 31, 2017

10.03.17 | Archived

As of July 31, 2017, USCIS is processing the I-526 petitions that it received before November 22, 2015 (unchanged from the previous month); the I-829 petitions that USCIS received before April 1, 2015 (advanced by 2.5 months); and the I-924 applications that USCIS received before December 28, 2015.


IIUSA Data Report on EB-5 Processing Times

(Data Source: USCIS Processing Times web page.)


Key Highlights on Latest EB-5 Processing Time Statistics:

  • I-526: processing date unchanged from June. Average I-526 processing time is around 21 months (highest level in EB-5 history)
  • I-829: processing date advanced 76 days in one month! Biggest advancement in 2017. Average I-829 processing time is around still 28.5 months, a 30% (or 6 months) increase year-over-year.
  • I-924: processing date advanced only 3 days in a month. Average I-924 processing time is around 19.5 months, highest level in EB-5 history.


IIUSA Data Report on EB-5 Processing Times

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Download our members only report to learn more about EB-5 Processing Time Trends, including:  

  • Historical I-526, I-829, & I-924 processing time statistics;
  • Processing times as published by USCIS;
  • Processing time movement trends – number of days advanced;
  • Year-over-Year waiting time comparisons; and
  • Processing times historical trends since 2014.



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