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08.10.16 | Archived

Earlier this year, IIUSA released a first-of-its kind EB-5 Projects & Policy Mapping Tool in beta, which plots the location of over 470 EB-5 projects from a wide variety of industries and located in diverse communities across the U.S.

IIUSA created the interactive mapping tool to help inform the discussion among EB-5 industry stakeholders regarding reform to Targeted Employment Area (TEA) policy. The map illustrates a place-based, objective approach to TEA reform for urban areas, borrowing from existing federal economic development policy that will allow for an object approach that avoids a “gerrymandering” criticism. The map reflects leaving the definition of a “rural” area as it currently is stated. This, along with the place-based approach, will allow for the TEA incentive to be the exception and not the rule.

If your project is not already listed on the map, please submit your project name, location, and regional center affiliation using this form so we can include it in our data. This will help ensure the map reflects the most robust and accurate industry data possible to inform a meaningful discussion on TEA policy reform.

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