Highlighting IIUSA Best Practices for Engaging with Sales Intermediaries

05.23.17 | Archived


In 2015, IIUSA adopted a best practices document for engaging with sales intermediaries, which was crafted by the Best Practices Committee. The document provides a series of considerations for EB-5 practitioners to have when working with (or contemplating working with) any sales intermediary, whether they be domestic or foreign.

This helpful resource is broken down into three parts: 1.) general best practices for dealing with all sales intermediaries- large, small, domestic or foreign; 2.) best practices for engaging with U.S.-based broker-dealers; and 3.) engaging with foreign migration agents. IIUSA would like to remind its members of these resources that are carefully curated by your own peers to educate you and help you perform your best in the marketplace.

You can review IIUSA’s Best Practices for Engaging with Sales Intermediaries on IIUSA’s website. All of IIUSA’s current best practices are also available here.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at info@iiusa.org or call (202) 795-9669.


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