2014 IIUSA Member Logo Use Policy Rollout is Underway!

04.23.14 | Archived

IIUSA member logo
IIUSA is excited to unveil a new logo policy designed to allow our members to represent their IIUSA affiliation proudly! Please read below for the full description of the IIUSA Membership logo limited license and guidelines for use and return the completed and signed form to IIUSA via e-mail at membership@iiusa.org. The 2014 IIUSA Member logo will be forwarded to the member email address in our records within 7 business days of reciing the completed form.

IIUSA Membership Logo

Limited License and Guidelines for Use 

The Association to Invest in the USA (IIUSA) will provide a limited use license of the displayed 2014 logo to any member in good standing. The logo may be used to indicate that an individual or organization is a member of IIUSA. This can be displayed on an a firm’s website, business cards, classified advertisements that list the name of a company or organization, or other like print/electronic promotions. 

  • If, for any reason, an individual’s membership should lapse or be canceled, the logo must immediately be removed from any written, printed or electronic materials maintained, displayed or distributed. 
  • The IIUSA member logo cannot be modified, manipulated or changed in any way from its original design, nor can it be used as a feature or design element of any other logo.
  • The IIUSA member logo cannot be used to imply an endorsement by IIUSA.
  • The IIUSA logo will only be given to IIUSA members in good standing who have passed their 90 day application review period. 

I agree to abide by these guidelines for the use of the IIUSA member logo. I understand that IIUSA reserves the right to monitor the use of the logo at all times and may request a member who is in violation of these usage guidelines to remove the logo immediately and at the member’s expense.  I acknowledge and agree that this limited license expires midnight December 31, 2014.

See IIUSA’s approved best practices, code of ethics, and enforcement procedures at: https://iiusa.org/en/iiusa-approved-best-practices/.


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